It started with Rockar


and the trend continues with Aston Martin opening their Mayfair boutique

Pedestrian look at a DB11, left, and a Vanquish, right.

Pedestrian look at a DB11, left, and a Vanquish, right.

and continues with  Seat opening a store in Lakeside,

Seat lakeside store

What’s interesting with this news story is that it is Group 1 Automotive Group1  are one of the largest automotive groups in the world. Although mainly located in North America this exercise is worth keeping an eye on. If successful they will most likely bring it to the US where it will be fought, as it would fundamentally change the dealership model here.

And it continues with Porsche set to tap into the premium retail environment of Leeds’s Victoria Gate shopping mall with a new pop-up brand experience center with “no overt sales process in place”

Time and changes in automotive retailing march on!

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