We have been working with Rosen Nissan Kia since 2010 on assorted projects. In 2013 we were asked to benchmark the business against best in class operators with the objective of helping the business to increase bottom line pre-tax operating profit. Working directly with the Dealer Principal and Financial Controller the bench-marking helped us to identify areas of operational weakness, enabling us to find and implement solutions. That PBT goal was achieved (and increased) in early 2016 with the business tracking 4000 unit sales for the year and the addition of a new dealership in Madison.

 Hungary. In 2013 we contacted by the CEO of Pannonia Ethanol to help the company to employ, train and coach a dedicated team of Area Representatives (AR’s) to source corn supply for the bioethanol plant directly from farmers in the field. Over a 24 month period a Team Leader was recruited to head up the team, along with a 10 Area Representatives who cover the entire country. In the same period we have helped the team to implement a full Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a marketing strategy, full KPI’s, and have installed full job descriptions, pay plans and recruitment processes to best structure the team. Additional projects with Pannonia have included management recruitment, the psychometric profiling of key personnel and HR support.

We have facilitated the recruitment of 20 new sales people through our GROUP SELECTION ASSESSMENT CENTRE in 2014 and 2015, a new recruitment process for the group, now bedded in and managed internally.

Full sales process implementation encompassing Sales Process Training, Sales Management Training, Business Management Training & Dealer Principal Training over a 9 month period through 14 dealerships in the Sultanate of Oman. F&I penetrations increased on average to 60% across the city dealerships with F&I profit contribution by 400%. Sales volumes increased from 8000 units to 13000 units the following year, increasing sales department revenue by RO9million (euro €18Million, USD $24million).

We were approached by BTC in to help them to softly launch AUTOVHC into the Irish market in 2007. Initially the product was show to a 20 Group of dealers, six of whom trialed the system. The trials were resoundingly successful. Following on from the trials AUTOVHC needed an on the ground support company for the system, we facilitated the introduction of BTC to Avonbrook Software in Dublin. AUTOVHC® is installed in over 100 dealerships in Ireland and over 1000 worldwide.