This one-day course is designed to help dealership managers to produce a workable budget for their business or department by tackling the complex and different issues not routinely covered nor discussed regularly in training modules and without turning the manager into an accountant.

You will leave this workshop with the skills, tools and techniques to help you to:

By the conclusion of this workshop, you will have improved and developed your financial appreciation skills, your business skills, and be able to produce a workable budget for the next 12 months.


Declining profit margins in new car sales together with the continuous extension of car life are making the performance of the service department key to the financial health of a dealership. This workshop is designed to give service managers the core knowledge needed to:

  1. Increase the average hours per job card (or repair order) invoiced through the workshop
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  3. Increase service department profit contribution.

The content will cover:


The objective of this two-day Sales Management workshop is give each delegate that attends the tools, the information and the education to ensure that they make every sales opportunity in their business count. This intensive management course is designed for both the new and the experienced Sales Manager looking to upskill and improve sales team performance.

The workshop content will cover:


Objective: To demonstrate to the participants in a clear manner that you do not have to rely on walk-in traffic and digital advertising to generate more customers.

The course content will help each delegate learn new practical ways to generate appointments with prospective customers from the incoming calls and digital inquiries that they receive and the outgoing calls that they make.

The key areas covered will be:

The objective of this sales development course is to focus and motivate your sales people to make sales happen. Suitable equally for new starters and experienced sales people this workshop will give them the tools needed to enable them to sell new and used cars, light commercial vehicles and additional products in volume, profitably.

The key areas covered will be: