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The objective of this sales development course is to focus and motivate your sales people to make sales happen. Suitable equally for new starters and experienced sales people this workshop will give them the tools needed to enable them to sell new and used cars, light commercial vehicles and additional products in volume, profitably.

The key areas covered will be:

  • Developing the right attitude and focus.
  • The digital customer journey, touch points to move the prospective customer to the next call to action.
  • Dealing effectively with the digital shopper to convert more inquiries into sales, designed to move the enquirer to a telephone or face to face meeting in the critical window of opportunity.
  • Meeting and greeting issues including body language, procedural statements, sign posting and agenda setting.
  • In-depth customer qualification; to establish the customer’s specific requirements, to identify explicit needs, that develop implied and emotional needs to help the customer to buy.
  • eTrade-in evaluations & appraisals skills; showing delegates how to conduct a professional appraisal of a car through an introduction to the market driven pricing grid.
  • Influencing skills and demonstration techniques that will show the delegates how to positively influence customers through a static demonstration, how to conduct a test drive and how to get commitment on the vehicle of interest.
  • Quoting a deal; building the quote, building the deal, delivering value and the justification of the price.
  • Closing skills; objection handling techniques and closing techniques to add to the sales toolbox.
  • Key social media tools, tips and tricks to make sure each salesperson gets the best results from their personal social media marketing.


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